Everything You need to know about TutuApp

Everyday, new interesting apps and games are being introduced. However, Its difficult to find each of them in your regular app store. IOS market and google play store doesn’t always list all apps, so users have to compromise with the available one. Tutuapp is an app store that doesn’t limit you. You can easily get your desired apps here. Here is everything you need to know about Tutu app.

What is TutuApp ?

TutuApp is a Chinese App Store developed by a startup company in China. Basically, it is an app store where you can get free games and apps. It provides you with popular games. Originally, the app was available in Chinese but for the easy understanding and usage of the app for foreign users, the developers have updated the version to English.

Earlier, it was known as TutuApp. However, now, they’ve changed their name to Tutu Helper. Tutu Helper is available in two versions mainly the Tutu Helper Regular and Tutu Helper VIP (Premium Version). The Premium version of Tutu Helper is paid while the regular is for free.

A one time payment of $6.99 is needed for Tutu Helper VIP. Users that buy Tutu Helper VIP have more features. they have more games and apps and can also request for games or apps that they want. Also the premium version also wont be revoked but the free version can be revoked when the system is updated but the paid is not revoked for lifetime.

This is one of the most easily accessible apps from where you can download and access all other application at a single platform for free. Tutu app provides you games like PokemonGO, Clash Royale, etc. Additionally, you will get  fake locations hacks, walking hacks and GPS hacks.

Tutu app is the first and only platform to release modded PokemonGO. It is also known as bunny assistant because of its attractive and innovative bunny monogram. Users gets a relieved and safe environment to play games.

Moreover it’s very simple to use and has quick button navigation. It offers you a comprehensive and decent interface to work on. The stunning feature the app is that it has in built cache cleaner and memory optimizer.


Why Choose TutuApp over other similar apps


TutuApp as mentioned above is a very convenient Application Downloading App. Now the question arises, what makes TutuApp more superior than its counterpart apps that are available?

So here is a summary of why TutuApp is more superior :-

  1. Tutu app allows you to download many premium apps that are paid for an absolute free of cost. You can also download the hacked apps and games from tutu app.
  2. It doesn’t require jail-breaking or rooting of your phone and its even available for iOS users. You won’t need an Apple ID logging in for downloading.

3.The app gets updated with new games and apps everyday and is also very fast and user friendly to use.

4.It also gives us a high downloading speed.


How to download and install TutuApp


1.IOS download and install :-

In an IOS device, you can download it in your safari by visiting the TutuApp website or you can also use the QR scan code given in the website for downloading it.The regular version of the app is available for free but you are required to pay for VIP version.

You are required to make a one time payment to use the VIP version. Once you download you will be asked to enter your passcode and after that click ‘Done’ and ‘Install’ later on then.

After installing, head over to your Settings before opening the app, in Settings click General tab. Then tap the Device Management and Profiles Tab.

In Profiles you will have to click on the TutuApp developer name and trust it. Only after trusting it in your device, you can easily run in ios device.

You can also check the given video tutorial-


2.Android download and install :-

The steps to download the Tutu app in android is similar to ios devices, however you can use any web browser to download it in android devices.

Once you visit the app’s official website you have to click on the tab saying Tutu for Android and scan the QR code or download from the website. Be sure that in settings you have allowed third party installation from unknown sources.

Check Video tutorial-

3.PC download and install :-

For Downloading into your PC go to the official website of tutu app, click on the Tutu for PC tab and click download option. After downloading, install it in your PC.


How to use TutuApp

Using TutuApp is quite easy. Everything you need will be available in the app. The following are a few guidelines which will ease your operation of the app.

  1. Once you have downloaded the app in your device create a shortcut for the same and open it, the homepage will appear.
  2. You can use it without logging In. If you wish to log in then register by clicking on the app icon on the top left corner of the app and create your account.
  3. The app is divided into various sections and categories for you for easy navigation.
  4. You can also search directly by clicking the search bar and typing in the name your desired app or game.
  5. Once you find your app or game click on it to open it and download.
  6. To install click on Download located at the bottom of the page.
  7. You can find the app or game by sorting or filtering them out according to genre, ratings and popularity in the ranking section and genre section.
  8. The already available apps in your device can be updated as well.

This is all you have to do irrespective of whether you have an Android or iOS device.




Q: If I have paid for the TutuApp twice do I get a refund?

A: Yes, You will get a refund if you have paid for the same device twice but over different devices you will have to pay individually.


Q: I have paid for TutuApp but I am unable to download it?

A: This might be because the server was unstable and you can try again on official TutuApp and you wont have to pay for It again. Please also check if there is a network issue on your end. Also note that IOS 10 users are unable to install the app.


Q: Do I need to pay again when I update my phone or the app?

A: As Long as you don’t change your device you don’t need to pay again.


Q: Do I have to jail-break or root my device to use it?

A: No you don’t need to jail-break or root your device to use TutuApp.


Q: Is TutuApp available for MacBook?

A: As of now, TutuApp is only available for windows PC. However you can use a virtual machine to get for your mac.


Q: What to do if TutuApp keeps crashing?

A: If TutuApp keeps crashing please uninstall and reinstall it again. Now, check the app, if it continues to crash it means that TutuApp is not supported on your Device or it may be a device issue.


Q: What to do when I am unable to verify TutuApp?

A: Delete and reinstall  the TutuApp and you will be able to use it easily.


Wrapping up, it is easy to use and install and satisfies all your needs. So, if you are looking for a good alternative of your regular IOS or android app stores, Tutu app is the best choice. This app will fulfill all your requirements and will provide you paid versions of app for free of cost. You should definitely try the app.