Is Tutu App safe?

Is Tutu App safe? You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you that this is a question that comes to a lot of Tutu App users. I will tell you why a lot of people have this question. When we install an application on your device, they always ask for a set of permissions. The permissions vary from app to app, for example, apps that have camera filters will ask for permission for using camera and chat apps will ask permission for your microphone when you want to make a call through the app, etc. So these are the normal permissions that you have to give for an application to work on your device, most of ignore this, but it could be the question to a huge risk to the safety of our privacy and data.

Well, but there are various reports and articles on the internet that say Tutu App is safe and also articles and reports that contradict this by saying it is not safe. Well, which can we believe? Let us try to draw a conclusion to this question that almost a million people are asking!

Now a lot of people who reviewed the app said that it asks us for so many weird permissions when we install Tutu App. What does this mean? Well, a lot of people claim that app asks us permission for sending SMS and for receiving SMS, permission for viewing your gallery, etc. And also for making phone calls! This truly makes us question the app, because why does a third party app downloading software need access to your SMS and gallery and also to make a phone? Sounds pretty sketchy right? Well, this a worry only for the Android users. Because in an iOS device you give the permission when the app uses the feature of the phone. For example, when a camera filter app needs permission to access your camera, it will ask for permission only when you use the camera feature within the app.

This makes it very safe for us to use Tutu App on an iOS device compared to an Android one. But I believe Android versions above and including Marshmallow does have the ability to deny some of these permissions. Well, this makes us all question our privacy when using Tutu App because of these weird permissions that it asks for. But, if we look at the positive side, this is the worst so far. Well, why I say this is the worst so far is because there have been cases where an app is used to downloading malicious files into our device. This is the major question that we have to ask to see if Tutu App is safe. What I mean is that When we download Tutu App, we allow it access to our contact and such areas which might have our valuable data.

So, now imagine what if a malicious software (malware) is present in the app store. This malware could gain access to all of your data through the app. These are ways for criminals to gain access to our data. This could result in some serious problems like identity theft, etc. That’s how serious this issue can be. Well, you don’t have to hold your breath just yet because no such cases for Tutu App has come out yet. But this doesn’t mean it is not possible. So the answer to the question whether Tutu App can be debated on and we still would not come to a proper answer to this question. Instead, is asking whether Tutu App safe even the right question? Instead, why don’t we ask the question how can we make Tutu App safe? Well, now for this I have a good answer for you guys.

Steps to make your App safe:

1. One of the most important for you to do is, do not jailbreak your device to download Tutu App. This breaks all the safety encryptions of your device, and you become vulnerable. So, under no circumstances, jailbreak your device.

2. Be sure install a good anti-virus on your device. You must be sure that there is a good anti-virus installed on your device. And do not forget to update your anti-virus as there are new viruses coming and you will need to regularly update your device to keep your phone protected.

3. Read all the permissions you allow the app to use. You must grant permission to your contacts or gallery until it is completely necessary. And also be careful of the permissions that you grant to the apps that you download through Tutu App.

4. Do not allow the apps to use any feature of the phone in the background especially Wi-Fi. Make sure you only give permission to apps to use your Wi-Fi when you are using it.

These are the four steps that you can implement and be completely safe from malware to a certain extent. We can never say Tutu App is truly safe, as some websites have even flagged it as malware but do remember we can take important steps to make our device safe from any issues or problems that may arise.

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