Tutu app not working?

Tutu App is a very popular app. And being popular means, it is being used by a huge number of people and the also the number of complaints that Tutu App is not working is increasing as well. This is a major concern for a lot of people who want to use the app.

  And not only that when this happens to people who paid for the VIP version it is a huge problem. Now there are various reasons as to why they don’t work, or you are unable to download it at all. So let us go through each of these problems and then let us find a solution to these problems as well. Also, for more information related to TutuApp, you can  click here and read.


Now a few problems are arising with Tutu App:-

1. Unable to Install an app from Tutu app

2. Unable to Download the app from Tutu App

3. Download and installation went smoothly, but the app is not working properly

4. The phone started to slow when you installed the app

Now, these are some of the most common problems that occur for Tutu App users. We saw the issues that arise due to the app now let us look at the ways to fix these problems.


1. Unable to Install an app from Tutu app


This is the most common issue that happens on the app and it is very easy to fix as well. If you are unable to install the app you want through Tutu App on your phone, then first try deleting and reinstall it.

   One of the reasons of this is that maybe the app developers were updating the app when you downloaded it. What a coincidence, right? Well if you are using an Apple device, you might have to verify the app before you download it.

  And if your unable to install Tutu App it might be because of the version you downloaded as some versions don’t support on some of the phones and tablets. And if your device is an Apple device you might have to verify Tutu App and only then can you download any apps or use the app at all.


2. Unable to download the app from Tutu App


This is the second most common problem that arises on Tutu App. You may notice that you are unable to download certain or some apps on Tutu App. So how do we fix this? Simple. All you have to do is to reset your network settings.

 You can find in your settings. In an Apple device, you can find it in the reset settings. Well once you open settings, go the general tab and then click on it.

  Once you scroll all the way to the bottom, you can find reset. Click on it, and another window will appear, here click on Reset Network Settings and follow the steps shown by the phone. But if you are an Android user, you can search for it in your settings.

  If you don’t know how to then go to settings and then go to backup and reset and tap on reset network settings and your good to go.

Do be careful not erase your phone contents. When you reset network settings, all the network settings go back to default and then you have to set it up and then try redownloading, and you are good to go.


3. Download and installation went smoothly, but the app is not working properly


If your Tutu App is not opening or it keeps crashing, there are two basic things you can do. The first one is clear all its data and cache. You can do this in your settings under application manager.

After you do this try using the app, it should work now. Oh, and this is only available for the android devices. You cannot do this to Apple devices.

Even if clearing the data doesn’t work then try uninstalling it and reinstalling the app. This mostly fixes the issue. If it still doesn’t, it means something is wrong with the device ram and not the app so you might want to delete a few apps that you don’t want.


4. The phone started to slow when you installed the app

It happens when the app downloaded got a malware that got into your phone when you downloaded the Tutu App apk. This makes the phone slow and also heat up. If this might be the reason, it is for the best you download an anti-virus, to protect your phone and its data.

 Well, guys, this could also be because your ram filled up with random junk files. If this is the reason, then all you have to do is download a cleaner app that is available and your all good to go. And if you want to do it manually just go and clear the caches of the app from the application manager and it should be fine.


These are the most re-occurring problems, and I am pretty sure this will help you in getting Tutu App up and running with ease.


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