Tutu App Pokemon Go

Tutu App as we all know lets us download some really amazing games and apps. And it also lets us download us the most hyped game of 2017 that is Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO hack is one of the most sorted out app nowadays, and a lot of players want it.

So, Tutu App also has the hack version for people to download. But at times it doesn’t work that well. So, I will show you how to download it and run it for sure. Just follow me till the end, and you can be sure to get the hack.

Well, the thing is for you to have Pokemon GO on Tutu App you will have to download a different version of Pokemon GO, and this is because Pokemon GO hack was removed from Tutu App for unknown reasons. So, if you want to get Pokemon GO, you will have to download the version of Tutu App which has Pokemon GO.

In Pokemon GO you have to catch monsters in your phone with a Pokeball, and for you to catch top pokemons, you have to walk around. But that’s not possible if you are living in a dangerous neighborhood or any such reason. The hacked version of the game adds a joystick for you to walk around but the rest are all completely the same as the original game, so, you can enjoy the game without any issues in the comfort of your home. And do note that this cracked version will only work on a rooted device and if you haven’t rooted your device you won’t be able to make it work on your device.

The way to install it pretty basic and really easy but you will need a rooted device. So, let us get to it.

How to Download TutuApp Pokemon Go

  1. First, visit this URL – https://tutuappx.com/download/ here you can download a free tutu app apk file. This will be a file, especially for Pokemon GO.
  2. Go ahead and install it on your device and then fire it up.
  3. After you open the tutu app pokemon go apk on the device, then go to the app drawer.
  4. In the app drawer, you will have to download and install the Pokemon GO game.
  5. This game should be the hacked version of Pokemon GO, and you should have your joystick in the game.

Simple isn’t it? Well, with this you should be able to get the hacked version of the game into your device but you will need to root it. So what if you don’t have the rooted version. Well for Android Lollipop users they can download the apk version of the app from this URL – http://download.apkquick.com/file/Games/PokemonGo/FengPokemonGo/Modded_PokemonGo_0.33.0.apk and then all they have to do is follow the above steps.

Video tutorial-

This is only available for the Android versions of Lollipop 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2 or 5.1.1 and doesn’t need a root. These are two ways you can get the hacked version of the game on your device. But if you are not using the Android Lollipop you really don’t have an option but to root your device. This is because of the original Pokemon GO hack has been removed from the tutu app and rooting will be your only option.

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