Tutu Helper

Tutu Helper

A lot of people ask what is Tutu Helper and what is the difference between the Tutu App and Tutu Helper. Well, Today I will help you understand the basics and also tell you how to download the Tutu Helper and also how to use it. Tutu Helper is an app that was released so you can enjoy premium paid apps and games for free on your device. And you don’t have to root your device or jailbreak it.

   This is what made Tutu Helper and Tutu App. Now, what is the difference between Tutu Helper and Tutu App? Well, what I found out is the fact that Tutu Helper is the VIP version of the app and it is the paid version of Tutu App, whereas Tutu App is the free version available to the general public.

Tutu Helper

Now, another question that may arise is why to pay for the VIP version of the app when you can simply download the free version. Well, the answer to that is very simple, Both Tutu App and Tutu Helper has some major differences between them.

1. First of all the app can be revoked at any moment

Yes, Apple can revoke or ban the free version from your device and can also make it inactive. But for the paid version Tutu App’s developers guarantee us that it will stay forever on your iOS device even when the iOS updates itself. There is also a chance of you losing the free version of the app when you get an iOS update.

2. Fewer Apps

There are a fewer number of apps on the free version if you compare it with the paid version of Tutu App. There is a lot more of a variety in the paid version of the app.

3. Fewer games

There is a fewer number of games on the free version of the app compared to the paid version of the app. If you pay for the VIP version, it is guaranteed that you can say a lot of money for paid games in the app store.

4. The paid version allows requests

This means that the paid users of Tutu App can submit a request for a new app to be put for download. After a few approvals of other users, you can download and install it. But this feature is unavailable for the users are using the free version.

5. Some Apps may not work

There are rumors and reports stating that for the free version, whenever you download an app from the free version, that app may not work if Tutu App goes offline or deactivated. But some might work. Yet, for the paid version you don’t have to worry about that because once the game or app is downloaded and installed, it will stay active and work with saved data. That is a huge relief.

Because of these reasons a lot of people pay for Tutu Helper, which is the VIP version of Tutu App. Now that we went through on the difference and why to Tutu Helper is superior to Tutu App, let us now see how we can download Tutu Helper.

To download Tutu Helper, there are various ways! Let us look at each of them from Android to iOS.

1. Android Device

Follow these steps to download Tutu Helper in your android  device-

1- Go to settings, then turn on the installation from unknown sources option.

2- Download the Tutu Helper apk from https://tutuappapkdownload.com/tutu-helper/. Go to downloads and open apk.

3- It will  ask you to install the app, click install. Now, you can easily use the app in your android device.


2. Apple Device

Downloading Tutu Helper for the iOS is a little more time to consume than its Android counterpart. There are two methods to download it into the Apple version.

Method 1: Download through Safari

  • For this method open you Safari and go to the link tutuhelper.com.
  • After the page loads up, click on the share button. This will be an icon shaped like a box and an arrow pointing upwards. This is normally situated in the bottom middle of the screen for the iPhone, and it is located on the top right corner for the iPads.
  • When you click on this a lot of options will pop up and among them click on Add to Home Screen.
  • Then another window will appear, click on Add.
  • This will add Tutu Helper App to your home screen as simple as that.

Method 2: Using Profile Configuration

  • Start Safari and visit the link https://goo.gl/0b39AD and this will download a configuration file into your device.
  • This will ask you for permission to download Tutu Helper on your device.
  • Click on install, and this will take you to another screen and then click on the top right corner click on install again.
  • It will ask you for your device passcode if you have a passcode on your device.
  • Now click on install on the bottom and then click Done.
  • After this you should go to you will have to visit your settings, general settings, and here go to device management and profile configuration and then trust Tutu Helper.

Video is here to help you-

After this your all good to go!

We talked about how Tutu Helper is different from Tutu App and how it is better than Tutu App and also on how to download it. So, what are you waiting for? Get Downloading!

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